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Frequently Asked Questions 

  Insurance Requirements, Claim, Policy

Which insurance policies do I need?

This all depends on the individual person or company and no simple answer can be given. Each person/business is different and Veritas Insurance takes the view that all policy requirements should be tailored to your individual needs. We do not rely on facility covers as these may not meet individual needs. What may be good for one person may be ineffective for the next.

Should I simply look for the cheapest policy?

Policies can be complex. The cheapest policies may not contain the desired cover. Certain covers may be excluded or limited. This means that at the time of a claim you may be left out of pocket. Interpreting the terms of the policy for you is part of Veritas Insurance’s professional role.

Although policy cost will always be a factor, ensuring that you have the right cover in place when a claim comes along should be at the top of your list.

Why do I need an Insurance Agent?

Insurance agents provide professional advice relating to your insurance whether you are a homeowner, sole trader, partnership, small business operator or corporate client.

A major advantage is that insurance agents have access to policies which may not be available to you through the direct insurance market. In addition, we are able to provide impartial advice concerning the policy cover or options available to you.

We do not charge upfront fees to provide quotations or reviews and all commissions and fees earned when your take out the policy are discussed with you upfront.

Agents adhere to high professional and ethical standards. Agents undergo regular training on the latest policies available to you.

If something changes do I need to inform you?

If something changes either personally or with your business this could affect the policies which you have in place. It could be that the risk has reduced and you may be paying too much for your insurance or the risk has increased and you require additional covers.

Either way, advising us of the changes will allow us to review your current insurance to ensure that they still meet your needs.

Your policies should be reviewed regularly to ensure that they still meet your needs. At Veritas Insurance we take a proactive approach. With business clients, we schedule meetings every six months to ensure that we are fully aware of your business or changes within your business. Leaving it until the renewal date may be too late.

Will I need to complete a claim form?

It always makes sense to complete a claim form as soon as possible after the incident as all the facts are then committed to paper and you are not attempting to recall those facts at a later date.

When completing claim forms, it is always best to keep a copy of the form for your own records. For a streamlined claims process, always remember to include all relevant supporting documents such as police report numbers, proof of purchase and a quote to replace or repair.

How can I pay my premiums?

You have a number of options to pay your insurance premiums. These are: