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  Insurance Requirements, Claim, Policy

Claims Reporting

Insurance policies generally include conditions that specify the time within which claims must be reported and require compliance with certain procedures to preserve entitlement to indemnity in the terms of the contract.

General Procedure

Unless separate arrangements have been made and specified, any incident that may result in a claim should be reported immediately, giving the following details:


Loss Mitigation and Recording

All steps should be taken to mitigate the loss and details as may be required by the insurance company should be recorded.

Reporting Requirements

Loss, damage or injury resulting from criminal or malicious acts should be reported to the Police as soon as possible after the occurrence.

The current regulations for reporting of loss, damage or injury to the Police, State Government Insurance Commission of Western Australia or other Statutory Authority must be complied with.

Legal Liability Claims

Full details of the accident or occurrence should be reported immediately and under no circumstance should there be any discussion with the third party concerning responsibility or occurrence nor liability for loss damage or injury.

In the event of a claim being intimated:


Action Required

A claim form should be completed and returned to Veritas Insurance along with the relevant supporting documents.

Photographs should be taken of the property damaged and physical remains of the property should be retained for inspection.

DO NOT DELAY in reporting an occurrence which you may think is covered, as this could lead to insurers denying liability.